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Is it true that the WireGuard VPN protocol significantly boosts streaming speeds and security? And what's the catch?

Wireguard is the latest and most advanced VPN protocol currently available on the market. So new, in fact, of the 50 VPNs we tested only NordVPN and CyberGhost had implemented it.Testing Wireguard showed a massive leap in performance and abilities! While we can also see why other premium VPNs have not adopted the new technology of Wireguard yet.

What is WireGuard?

WireGuard is a VPN protocol for secure tunnelling, similar to OpenVPN or IPsec. But more lightweight, with faster performance and better security.

Is WireGuard Safe?

WireGuard’s has a faction of the code other protocols use and state-of-the-art cryptography which make it lightweight, fast, and secure. With significantly less code WireGuard is easier to audit and find any potential flaws or vulnerabilities.

The Pros and Cons of WireGuard


Wireguard vs Openvpn

WireGuard is an extraordinarily advanced protocol that requires roughly 1/10 of the code required by OpenVPN, making it lightweight and faster. WireGuard only has about 4000 lines of code compared to over 41,000 for OpenVPN, this makes finding vulnerabilities and flaws much easier to detect.

WireGuard use the most up-to-date cryptographic primitives, which are algorithms that encrypt your data before it traverses the internet. The combined high-speed encryption and lightweight code provides exceptional performance and consistency compared to IPsec or OpenVPN, which are complex and can be slower to load.

You will also find WireGuard connects instantly on your mobile devices and rarely disconnects or drops connections which has its own advantages.


WireGuard has admitted it’s not completely finished. Although it worked perfectly during our testing and has been officially released, there is still testing going on and as yet no independent audited has been conducted.

The second thing of note is, the way WireGuard assigns you an IP address could negate certain providers' strict no-logs policies. This is because WireGuard cannot dynamically assign an IP address, assigning you a static IP address instead. Meaning your IP does not change with each connection and it stores the public IP with timestamps at server level so WireGuard can know which IP to connect to. This is a big issue if you're concerned about privacy while you browse the internet. In theory and this is almost science fiction, but technically it could be used to trace your online activity if someone had the skills and knowhow.

The Best VPNs to use with WireGuard

NordVPN and WireGuard

We tested, checked over 50 VPNs to find out which were using WireGuard and how they were implementing support for WireGuard safely. We tested how each VPN solves WireGuard compatibility, in addition to speed, dependability, and security. NordVPN and CyberGhost were the two VPN providers that implemented WireGuard the right way.

NordVPN is our number one recommendation it is an excellent all-round VPN. It has optimized streaming, optimised torrenting, can unblock any Geo-restrictions, ultra-strong encryption and a strict no logs policy!

NordVPN was already the fastest VPN in our testing, but with the addition of WireGuard it now has ultra-fast lightning speeds! NordVPN provides a dedicated WireGuard solution, NordLynx. NordLynx tiers a double network address translation system on top of WireGuard to recompense for diminished security while development is ongoing. This double NAT system fixes the issue with the static IP address and assigns you a dynamic IP address. This completed fixes the privacy issue and means it stores none of your data on the Nord servers in compliance with NordVPNs zero logs policy.

Using NordLynx, we tested on Netflix, downloaded ultra-hd movies using uTorrent, and repeated the same with other popular streaming and torrenting platforms. Everything worked perfectly and lightning fast download speeds. Again, we retested these platforms from Moscow, Melbourne, Berlin, and Seattle with equally impressive results! To find out more about NordVPN, read our review here.

In addition, we ran DNS leak checks and tested CyberSec security software for knock-on effects there were no DNS leaks detected and CyberSec was as reliable as usual blocking Malware, ads, and phishing attempts.

CyberGhost VPN and WireGuard

CyberGhost VPN is another great all-round VPN that has im0pllimented WireGuard protocols. It’s easy to set up WireGuard on CyberGhost you simply select WireGuard in the protocol settings and your ready.

We tested CyberGhost using the WireGuard protocol, and the results were excellent. Increased streaming speeds and download speeds and overall performance. I could say there were no dropped connections, but I personally have never experienced a dropped connection with CyberGhost, and I am constantly streaming it. The only downside of the testing was we discovered they do not support WireGuard on all the CyberGhost apps. However, CyberGhost have been big supporters of WireGuard from the very beginning, making several large public donations to the WireGuard development team.

How did CyberGhost deal with the WireGuard privacy issue?

Well, CyberGhost runs a restful API covered with an RSA certificate. This protects you and your internet traffic is not logged or stored in accordance with CyberGhost no logs policy.

In addition, CyberGhost uses an additional daemon as a sort of middleman between WireGuard and your connection, allocating dynamic IP addresses so your privacy remains intact and they cannot trace you online. This daemon deletes the dynamic IP addresses repeatedly, to ensure there are no records of your sessions. To find out more about CyberGhost read our review here.

Research Methods

We tested over 50 premium VPN for WireGuard integration, performance, and speed. We checked for:

  • WireGuard support solutions
  • Improvement of existing speeds
  • Security features that might compromise WireGuard’s encryption
  • Customer support using WireGuard


WireGuard is the latest and most lightweight VPN protocol on the market, it significantly increases Download and streaming speeds if implemented the right way. Given how new WireGuard is, many premium VPN providers have yet to introduce it as an option. Although the method WireGuard uses to assign IP addresses might negate some VPN no-log policies, Both NordVPN and CyberGhost have found clever ways to counteract this and keep you completely anonymous while you browse.

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