NordPass Review

NordPass Review

What is NordPass? NordPass is a password manager created by the same company behind NordVPN, our number one ranked VPN.

NordPass is free to download and free to use on one device! And when they say free, they mean it. You do not need a credit card to sign up.

There are many password managers on the market and fierce competition for all the latest encryption and additional features. We tested NordPass thoroughly, and this review has everything you need to know about NordPass password manager.

First, how does Nord make money if it’s free? We can only use the free version on one device. NordPass premium is $3 a month and protects multiple devices, the idea being once you see the power and security of the free version you will want to upgrade to the premium version.

20 features of the NordPass app:

  1. A master password to access your password vault.
  2. XChaCha20 Ultra Encryption.
  3. 2FA – two factor authentication with biometric verification.
  4. Available in offline mode.
  5. Passwords stored in folders in the cloud.
  6. Easily import your existing passwords.
  7. Random password generator.
  8. Available for mobile and desktop.
  9. Automatically save your passwords when you sign up to or log in to any new accounts.
  10. When you revisit any websites your passwords Autofill.
  11. Store your credit card info for fast, easy autofill.
  12. Automatic sync and backup on all devices.
  13. Check the strengths of your current passwords.
  14. Prevent man-in-the-middle attacks.
  15. Easily share passwords with your trusted contacts securely.
  16. Encrypted notes store information related to passwords.
  17. Zero-knowledge design so nobody else has access to your info.
  18. Built in OCR scanner for fast inputting of card details and information
  19. Uncomplicated exporting options
  20. Peace of mind.

NordPass Prices

The free NordPass allows you to save unlimited passwords, store credit card information and notes, and sync and backup regularly across all devices.

You can use the free NordPass to protect all the passwords on one device. If you upgrade to the premium NordPass, you will protect six devices and get access to several additional features.

Master Password

Your master password is the key to the whole thing, it is the password for all the other passwords. Use the password strength test to devise a strong password of 8+ characters upper and lower case and some symbols. Make sure you can remember this master password, see our guide to password safety here.

Recovery Key

Internet Protocol Version 4 or IPV4 protocol has the role of identifying hosts based on their logical addresses and routing data between them for the core network. IPv4 uses 32 binary bits to establish a single unique network address. This address gets shown as four sets of number separated by dots. Every number is the decimal representation of an eight-digit binary number known as an octet. Parts of these numbers have distinctive intent on TCP/IP networks. Internet Protocol version 4 uses a 32-bit logical address.

Additional Features

Add Passwords

One of the first things you should do is add passwords. You can do this individually or in bulk. There are two ways to add your passwords.

Manually: Go to the NordPass vault and add manually. On the desktop app you go to All Items > Add Item. In the mobile app, click the + icon, then Login.

Web browser: On your web browser, install the NordPass extension log in. Log in and the NordPass extension will start a pop-up which asks to add credentials to your vault. Fill in any other info needed and Save.

Trusted Contacts

This is one of the premium features and it allows you to share logins, secure notes, or credit card details with another “trusted” user securely.

Share information with the “Trusted Contacts” list, which activated from the advanced menu.


All accounts have an option for two-factor authentication which we recommend and biometric authentication on your mobile devices which we also recommend. Activate 2FA and you receive a QR code with a secret key. You scan the code using your mobile authenticator, this gives you access to a 6digit passcode that changes every 60 seconds. Impossible to hack.


Set up your fingerprint, face print or other biometric recognition in your device settings to use biometric access to NordPass.

Import + Export Passwords

You can add your previous passwords in bulk from any other password manager using the import option from your desktop or Android device.

Settings > Import/Export and select a previous password manager.

Generate Passwords

NordPass can and will generate random strong passwords for you. With adjustable settings like password length and character type options, so you can generate strong passwords to the specifications of any platform.

You will see the NordPass symbol in new password fields. Click this symbol and automatically generate a new password.

Auto Lock

The auto lock feature lets you manage how long you stay signed for. This is useful if for example you are using a shared device.

Autofill passwords

Once you have added or created any passwords to your vault, every time you revisit a website or platform NordPass will autofill the credentials for you.

Password Strength Checker

A built-in password strength checker tells you how strong your existing passwords are color will indicate the strength with red being weak, orange is okay, and green showing strong.

The strength of newly created or generated passwords gets automatically shown on screen.

Secure Notes

Store information and notes in an encrypted format. Make notes of information that isn’t covered by autofill. Wi-fi passwords, the answers to security questions or even your alarm codes.

Credit Card Details Autofill

Store your card details so you can auto-fill them on websites where you enter payment information.

OCR Scanner

Built-in OCR Scanner allows you to scan text like bank card details or the Wi-Fi password in your friend’s house, without having to type anything.

Offline Access

NordPass will work even without having internet access.

NordPass with your Data?

Can you trust Nord with your information? In short, yes, Nord is a company that pride themselves on privacy and security. They have proven this in the past when Nord were independently audited on two occasions by PriceWaterhouseCooper in both 2018 and 2020.

Using NordPass, they protect your data with XChaCha20 encryption, Google uses this encryption on the extensive amount of data they keep worldwide.

They build the NordPass service around a zero-knowledge architecture. What this means is even the staff of NordPass cannot see your passwords or credit card details. Even if there were some minuscule chance the Nord companies’ systems were breached, your information would still be safe because there are no records.

Master Password + Recovery Key

They will provide you with a recovery key and you must remember your master password. However, if you lose both, you lose access to your vault.

How to use NordPass

On desktop you must download a client (Windows, MacOS, Linux available) from where you manage your passwords. This adds even more layers of security as you cannot just log in from a web browser. An additional consequence of this is it reduces the number of attacks and attackers.

Set up

If you already have an account with NordVPN or NordLocker, you can use the same login with NordPass, and then create your master password.

If your signing up, do so by going to My Account > Create a Nord Account or click Create Nord Account when you launch the client or mobile app. Here you enter your email address when prompted on the sign-up page and activate. You will receive an email with an activation link.

If you’re going with the premium option, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

You can pay with any major credit cards, crypto currencies, Amazon Pay, iDeal, or Alipay.

NordPass Browser Extensions

NordPass offers plugins for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Brave, and Opera. Firefox and Brave are also private browsers which are exceptionally good protecting you while you use your VPN. Read our guide to private browsers here.

Default class IP Addresses

There is a default class IP Addresses have. This address class establishes the range of IP addresses and the default subnet mask used for this range. The table below illustrates the default address class for each IP range.


Ultra-safe and packed with features, we recommend NordPass as your one stop shop to password safety and security at a very reasonable price. NordPass provides peace of mind for me.

Read more of our online security guides here.

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