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Netflix Unblocked


In this article we answer all your questions about blocked Netflix content and show you the easiest way to get Netflix Unblocked.

Everybody loves Netflix, it’s easy to use and has all our favourite TV Series and Movies in one place! What most of us don’t realise is Netflix has different Movies and different Series in every country! For example, if you live in the UK you get access to 542 TV Series and just over 1,500 movies. However, if you live in America, you get access to almost 1,300 TV Series and a huge 4,500 movies! Even neighbouring countries have greatly different sized libraries, the US Netflix library has 700 extra TV Series then Canada. 

Why is our content limited?

Netflix cannot let everybody have access to the full library of Movies and TV series. The reason Netflix can’t allow access to all of their content is because it would endanger their services licensing agreements. These services licensing agreements are between Netflix and the various companies that created the content. The individual production companies and studios each have original distribution deals. 

These distribution deals mean popular streaming platforms like Netflix have different content depending on where you live! Regardless, if you’re paying the same subscription fees as everyone else, your access is being limited. The Solution is to use Surfshark and get Netflix unblocked in a few clicks.

Netflix Content by Country

Netflix Have different sized libraries available in different countries the below table shows the number of TV Series on the Netflix libraries in some familiar countries. For a full Netflix content by country table click here. 

How do they know where I am?

What is an ip address?

In simple terms, every device you own has an IP address (Internet Protocol) – this IP address is the equivalent of your physical address but online. The IP address comprises a string of four sets of numbers divided by dots like: 00.0102.001.7010. Every time you stream on Netflix your device sends requests to the Netflix server. However Netflix wants to know where you are before they send you the movie so your IP address gets attached to any request. This way they always know exactly where you are and what you are watching. 

Use a VPN to unblock Netflix

When you use a VPN, the VPNs server IP address replaces your devices IP address. This makes Netflix or any other server think you’re connecting from the location of the VPN server you chose. Getting Netflix unblocked is one of many benefits of a VPN.

Can Netflix Block VPNs?

Every now and again Netflix identifies IP addresses belonging to VPN servers and subsequently blocks them. Premium VPN provider like Surfshark knows the correct protocols to get around these blocks and provides thousands of alternative servers with alternative IP addresses. If a Surfshark server gets blocked, you’re only three clicks away from connecting to another. It is quiet rare these VPN servers get detected.

Why not use a free VPN?

Free VPNs are a double-edged sword, they are useful for some things but fall short for the more important security, speed and privacy aspects.

Netflix identifies IP addresses belonging to a free VPN and blocks them. The free VPN providers need to replace these servers and its costly. Given that most free VPN operate on a limited budget of donations it’s too costly compete with this. The result is slower speeds, more ads and time trying to find servers that haven’t got banned and worst of all less security and privacy.

The question I always ask is:

How secure can a free VPN be?

How committed to your security for free?

Free VPNs generate income through many ads, donations and some cases selling your data. Overall, you will find most free VPNs limited and irritation to use.

Why do Netflix want to stop people using a VPN to access content ?

Netflix has an enormous amount of content. However Your location in the world dictates how much of the Netflix  library you can access. The US Netflix get access to the largest portion of the Netflix library with almost double the TV shows and movies of the UK library.  By using Surfshark VPN and choosing a server in the US it will allow you to unlock the geographically restricted movies and series in the Netflix library.  

How can Netflix tell I'm using a VPN?

When you send the request to Netflix while connected to a VPN server Your IP address is replaced with the servers IP address. Netflix sees the VPN IP address rather than your personal IP address and grants you access to the content.

Netflix have a dedicated security team that tracked down IP addresses belonging to VPN companies. They then Blacklist these VPN server IP addresses. if this happens you you receive a message saying M 7111.. error, telling you to disconnect from Netflix.

How to Unblock Netflix in 4 simple steps

Surfshark Streams fast and reliable and are ahead of Netflix’s attempts to block VPNs from their servers. Surfshark VPN instantly unblocks geo-located content on any device. You can try it yourself rick free and get a 30-day money-back guarantee with no loopholes. As part of our testing we purchased a licence for $2 and then on the 28 day returned it to see how easy it was to get our money back. I can tell you it was very easy, and they refunded the money to our account within 48 hours.

2. Download and install to your devices

Surf shark has excellent Apps and it doesn’t matter what the voice you want to stream your content on They have an App for it. In addition to this so Surfshark generously provides unlimited licenses so you can use it on as many devices as you want. Any number of devices.

3. Launch application and sign-in

Click or tap through the username and password setup and you’re almost ready!

4. Pick a server in a country and stream your Netflix content

If you’re on holiday in Cuba and you want to watch the latest Episode of the Crown Only US library? no problem, simply choose a Surfshark server in the US sit back relax and enjoy.

I already have a VPN Service. How is Surfshark better?

If you already have a VPN service with an alternative company, you might be familiar with these problems? They aren’t able to unblock Netflix consistently, or have been identified by Netflix as a VPN and had a large portion of their servers blocked.

There are a few VPN provider’s out there mostly free VPN providers who’ve had their IP’s blocked by Netflix. A way to combat this is to cycle out new IP addresses, which costs a lot of money and a lot of time. Free VPN’s and low grade VPN’s can’t keep up with these costs. A large multinational VPN provider like Surfshark is way head of Netflix in the game.

Surfshark prioritizes streaming and torrenting meaning you can get access to Netflix global content library because this is Surfsharks top priority.

Is it legal to access it Netflix via VPN ?

Netflix Uses regional restrictions when they purchase Movies and TV series is from the Copyright owners. This is why some content isn’t visible or available to you in certain countries. But from the Netflix customer agreement there are no terms or conditions to prevent using a VPN. There is nothing illegal about a VPN you’re simply enjoying the Netflix library you pay for!

There are no subscription price differences for Netflix anywhere in the world. You might be paying the same amount for lesser service with a limited selection of content.

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