IPVanish Review

IPVanish Review

IPVanish is a US-Based VPN provider with 1,300+ severs in 75 locations worldwide in addition to 40,000+ shared IP addresses.

We tested IPVanish against our 10-part testing process with an overall result of 85/100. We used the results to write this IPVanish Review.

One of the most impressive things about IPVanish is their technical know-how and the fact they manage their own servers instead of renting. Most VPN providers rent their servers and hardware, apart from the top tier providers who generally manage their own servers. Managing Their own servers allows far more control and far less misconfiguration issues. IPVanish manages over 1,300 of their own servers, and this level of infrastructure shows an impressive company structure and serious technical know-how.

Performance + Speed

Given IPVanish manages their own servers they were able to ensure all servers are support P2P! the advantage of this is you can connect to closer servers increasing your downloading speed.

We began our usual speed tests using Fast.com and Speedcheck.org, so we could determine the performance speed of different server locations. We carried out the tests over 10 days and worked out the average connection speed.

The results were very impressive and consistent around 100-120Mbps for European servers and between 200-220Mbps on US servers. The only point of note was a drop to around 75Mbps on the Asian server locations. The only caveat is these speed tests got carried out amid Corona Virus and this may have had a negative effect on the results.

Overall IPVanish has very impressive speeds and reliable servers, I believe this is in part because the company manages its own servers.

Privacy + Encryption

IPVanish has very reliable encryption, using industry standard AES-256 encryption supported by IKEv2 and OpenVPN which are very secure protocols.

In addition to using OpenVPN protocol, IPVanish allows a unique level of control over the setup of OpenVPN. For example, you can use an option to open a particular port or scramble your OpenVPN traffic.

Scramble OpenVPN traffic?

This OpenVPN setup option is why IPVanish is the best VPN for China, Russia and Iran and any other countries that try to combat VPN use and censor the internet. Besides this game changing OpenVPN option, there’s a built-in kill switch.

A kill switch is an additional layer of protection, in case for any reason your Wi-Fi or VPN connection drops! The kill switch disables your internet momentarily until the connection gets re-established. This means they will never expose you online with the kill switch working in partnership with the IPv6 leak protection.

IP Leaks?

An IP leak is the accidental leaking of the user’s actual IP address.

This can happen if your computer is accessing default servers instead of the anonymous VPN servers. This is a configuration problem by the user rather than the VPN provider. If you are worried about IP Leakage, test your VPN here: Astrill.com.

If there is an occurrence of IP leaking, then you should seriously consider switching VPN provider and using IPVanish.

Additional features

Free secure web storage

IPVanish has a few very impressive and unique additional features, which made writing this review easier. One thing I found very innovative was the 250GB secure web storage you get free when you sign up for IPVanish.

When you sign up you get a SugarSync account with 250GB secure storage free, which is perfect for file sharing or whatever other storage needs you have. As soon as you sign up for IPVanish, you will receive an email with a link and login info for SugarSync.

Protected Wi-Fi networks

IPVanish have an iOS app that has a unique ability to create a whitelist of wireless networks that IPVanish will always protect.

I found this to be a great time saver. The VPN can turn itself on and off as needed by these networks. This will give you peace of mind on the go.

These additional features are part of the IPVanish companies’ ambitious plans to roll out an online security suite. I found out about these plans while writing this IPVanish Review and it sounds like this security suite will branch out into all elements of online and device security, and you can expect more features to roll out soon.

Strict no logs policy

IPVanish has a strict ZERO-LOGS policy and does not record any of your online activity, connections or traffic. Preserving your civil rights.

Just to be sure, I Painstakingly read the privacy policy for exceptions. There were none.

What is a No-Log VPN?

Some VPN providers similarly offer a No-log network also known as a log less VPN. This extra layer of anonymity is because the provider does not log or keep any information transmitted over the network. This way none of your personal details or private business get collected. Nothing you search for, download, or view online gets recorded anywhere. Not even the VPN provider sees these sessions or has any information on who? Why? or where? Just, comprehensive privacy and security.


One IPVanish licence allows up to 10 devices and 10 simultaneous connections, which is a lot higher than the industry standard of 5 licences. Moreover, the 10 devices need not be owned by the licensee. Your husband or wife or children or anyone in the same household can use them! That is a big selling point considering the quality and scope of IPVanish.

24/7 live chat support

24/7 live chat support is fairly standard across premium VPNs, and IPVanish is no exception. I did some testing at what most people would consider very off-peak hours. 2-4am PST. The results were good, with an average response time for under 3 minutes at those off-peak times.

What I had not expected was that IPVanish went the extra mile and is the first VPN provider I’m aware of that has a phone support service! This service operates 9am till 5pm CT Monday through Friday.

Pricing and plans

IPVanish prices start at $5 for the first month and $12 renewal thereafter.

For me the best value is with the Annual plan which works out at $3.25 a month for the first year.

These prices are lower than the industry average, however, when you take the 250GB Secure storage from SugarSync into account these are amazing value deals! That secure storage if purchased direct is $10 a month alone. Here you are getting it for free.

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee with IPVanish, this again is an industry standard guarantee.

If you do not need secure online storage and instead want to save money, perhaps a Surfshark subscription for $2 a month might suit you better.


IPVanish has some genuinely impressive features and is exceptionally configurable. It is definitely ahead of the competition for countries like China, Russia and Iran where they use Anti-VPN hardware. IPVanish can breeze past these filters. Strong streaming speeds and every server having P2P are a massive plus. Overall rating for this IPVanish review 85/100.

29th July 2020.

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