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If you're buying or downloading PC games online, Steam is the best digital distribution platform there is. Steam is a cloud-based gaming platform, where you buy games which get stored on the cloud in your library.

The Steam library stores games you buy or download on the cloud, this saves large amounts of your computer’s storage space allowing you to have a vast library of games which you can access anywhere.

Steam has been around for over a decade and is easy to use and packed with features on top of an enormous library of games.

Green Man Gaming is a great alternative to steam, it might not be as well-known as Steam, but GMG has huge discounts and bargains to make up for this. Perfect if you're looking for a deal. Their catalogue is not as vast as Steam, but Green man gaming delivers more PC classics and niche games.

Green Man Gaming Discounts

Green Man Gaming regularly has sales and plenty of discounts. This is how they compete with platforms like Steam.  These sales are not just on specific games like with steam; GMG just provides codes which give 10- 25% off anything in your cart. That alone is a significant reason to buy from GMG.


Green Man Gaming’s website is exclusively for purchasing games, but doubles as a Playfire account. Playfire is a gaming, social network and you can connect with friends (via Facebook if you want) and chat about games.

You can connect your PSN and Xbox Live accounts. This then allows Playfire to display your Xbox achievements or PlayStation trophies or both. It also features the same tracking and community elements as the website.

Interestingly, the new rewards system allows you to earn cash back by achieving certain challenges. For example, playing a game for the first time or unlocking a specific trophy or achievement.

Many of the green man gaming purchases are redeemed using steam keys, meaning you still must use the steam client.

However, since many purchases (including the “My Superhot” purchase) on Green Man Gaming are redeemed with Steam keys, you still must get used to using the Steam client.

Is Green Man Gaming legit?

In the early days of Green Man Gaming leading competitors claimed the Steam keys provided by Green Man Gaming were from suspicious third parties.

Nowadays Green Man Gaming tells users exactly where their key is coming from, if it's directly or via trusted third parties.

Green Man Gaming VPN

Because Green Man Gaming content is geo locked, some people have been using VPNs to bypass these locks and even to purchase games in Dollars or other currencies because the games they want might be cheaper in another region or with a different exchange rate. You can often see prices which are the same in Euro and Dollars despite the exchange rate.

Another reason people use a VPN for green man gaming is they can connect to different countries, stores and markets getting the deals available in that country. The Japanese and American stores are a favorite for this.

If you want to play games online which comply with the policies of a specific website, we recommend using NordVPN. Because NordVPN has servers specifically optimised for gaming. These severs give you stability and sometimes increased connection speed. Just please remember to obey the website or platforms in terms of use.

Steam says two things about this:

If you are outside your home country and receiving an error about payments, try using your credit card rather than the steam wallet and if that fails, contact customer care.

They will decline all attempts to purchase anything through steam via anonymous proxy software.

Any attempts to bypass regional pricing or content restrictions and use another region's Steam Store are forbidden. Accounts that display this behaviour or are clearly associated with it will be locked. It's for these reasons we don’t recommend breaching the platform's usage policies.

Region restrictions on CD Keys depend on the publisher. There is no requirement or universal restrictions’ How do you know when a CD Key or retail product is region restricted?

The publisher will state any Region restrictions on CD Keys on the packaging. You get an error message if you purchased a regionally limited copy of a game and you try to register from a different region.

Are Steam Gifts region restricted?

Gifts bought in particular regions can only get redeemed in these regions. When purchasing a gift, you get notified at your checkout of any restrictions apply. Gifts purchased in Russia amongst other places can only get redeemed in the below countries:

VPN (24) VPNs (21)

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