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What is a Dedicated IP Address?

A dedicated IP address is a single IP address which gets assigned to your account. A dedicated IP is for your use only and used for websites you host on it. This is a must for businesses using a VPN, because it provides an alternate way of accessing your company website. You can use the dedicated IP as a substitute for your domain name in your browser.

Secure Payments Online

When you are using a VPN, it appears or seems to others as if you are in a different location. This can cause problems with secure online banking amongst other things.

The problem is when you appear to be in a different location the banks see this as your account being accessed from abroad. Which will get treated as suspicious activity on the account. When the bank sees suspicious activity on your account, they will immediately suspend the account. You already know what the solution is… using a VPN with a dedicated static IP address. This helps you avoid the repetitive suspicion and verification while keeping the robust VPN security and encryption. 

Secure Business Server Access

In a business setting, the system administrator can stipulate a list of approved IP addresses. These specified IP’s get granted access to the system, they call this a whitelist.

This whitelist makes it only possible to access the system if the admin adds your IP address to the whitelist. A dedicated IP address is the perfect way to access the company’s remote systems or private servers securely from anywhere.

Avoiding the blacklists

There is a concept online known as the Bad Neighbour Effect! When many people use the same IP address, such as a particular VPN server. Some of those people can get blacklisted for their behavior on a website. Then when you connect to that same server the IP address has been blacklisted! because of the initial infraction by your neighbor’s behavior. This can occur with shared IP addresses, and can limit your access to certain websites and platform.

So, even though a dedicated IP address is not as inconspicuous, at least you know you won’t be blacklisted.

Why must I answer a 1000 CAPTCHA’s?

CAPTCHA technology authenticates that you are an actual person. This is an effort to try block website access to spammers and bots. CAPTCHA automatically blocks all access unless you can identify the distorted letters or images in the graphic. This is something bots cannot do. The headache is multiple people connecting to the same shared IP addresses can look like bots and trigger CAPTCHA authentication.

This is the bane of my life! And has me questioning “Am I a robot?”

When you use a dedicated IP address, you won’t see these CAPTCHA authentications. so you can go about your business, check your emails, bank accounts without being plagued by CAPTCHA.


A dedicated IP Address gives many of the advantages of a VPN! similar security and privacy, and you have a specific dedicated IP Address assigned to you.

This is effective in a business setting as the dedicated IP address is easily whitelisted while still offering VPN features. It’s also invaluable if you work for a company or website that’s banned in the location of your visiting.

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