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Watch Disney+ from anywhere 2020

Disney + is currently only available in the US, Spain, Canada, Australia, Germany, UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Austria, Puerto Rico, France, New Zealand, and the Netherlands. Here we show you How to watch Disney plus anywhere on any device.

Should you try connecting from outside that list of countries, you will get an Error Code 83. This is because you are outside the geolocation permitted for streaming Disney +.

What is a VPN?

A VPN uses powerful security features to hide your IP address and bypass geo-blocks like those used by Disney plus and Netflix. The VPN connects your device to servers in any country you choose, bypassing your actual IP address and encrypting your online activity.

The VPN server will mask your actual IP address once you connect, so your correct location remains hidden. This means Disney + thinks you are streaming from the country whose server you connected to. When you have spoofed your location, all you need to do is head over to the Disney + app or website and press play.

Use VPN for region free streaming

However, NordVPN is a premium VPN that will bypass Disney’s geo-blocks and let you stream it from anywhere. Install NordVPN on your devices and easily bypass the Blocks on Disney + in just a few clicks.

NordVPN has over 5500 servers locations to choose from, a lot of which are specifically optimised for lightning fast streaming speeds. In addition, all your online activity is anonymous, without even your internet service provider being aware of what you do online.

Additional advantages of NordVPN

  • Online anonymity
  • Prevent throttling
  • Encrypt your information, securing against hackers
  • Have peace of mind with your safe and unmonitored online connection
  • Zero records of your online activity. Nothing stored anywhere about your activity.
  • Optimised streaming, torrenting and gaming
  • Unblock more content and watch on Netflix, Hulu, Disney plus, etc..

Is it illegal to use a VPN?

No. Using a VPN is not illegal in most countries worldwide, apart from China, Iraq or Russia and other countries who have strict censorship policies around internet use. China even has a dedicated internet police force, which monitors internet activity in the country and what information the people allowed to share online. To find out more, read our guide are VPN legal.

Use a free VPN for streaming Disney plus?

You can try this, and I encourage you to test this out on a safe website. What you will find is what we see all the time with the free VPN’s, speed, data and bandwidth restrictions and limited number servers to connect to. 

Another problem you will encounter is crowding because of the number of users and the limited servers; some people will have got some servers banned and blacklisted. You end up connecting and spending a long time trying different servers, looking for a server that’s not blacklisted. When you eventually find that server and then discover it streams slowly, this can be infuriating.

Do I need a US credit card to join Disney+?

Yes, you need a US credit or a credit card from one of the above-listed countries to sign up to Disney +. But there is an easy around this. You redeem a gift card on the Disney + app and connect to NordVPN and sign up from an appropriate country.

To Stream Disney + on IOS or MacOS

Below are 6 easy steps to show you how to unblock Disney + on an iOS Device.

  1. With your MacOS or iOS device (iPad, iPhone or AppleTV), open your app store or  your iTunes and sign out.
  2. Down in the bottom right corner of  iTunes or the App store window you will see a flag icon for your country.
  3. Click this flag icon and you will see a list of countries.
  4. Pick the United States and create a brand new Apple ID. Do not fill out or include any payment details, because those details tie you to your country of origin.
  5. Log in to the new account. Open the App Store, now click the Redeem Gift Card button. Now enter the code you purchased.
  6. Launch the NordVPN App and enjoy streaming Disney +

How to get Disney plus on Smart TV

Firstly, these guides only work on Smart TV’s made after 2016

Disney plus on Samsung Smart TV?

The simplest way to download the Disney+ app on a Samsung Smart TV is via the built-in app screen. Follow the steps below and you’ll ready in no time.

  1. Sign up for Disney + by following this link to their website Disney+ website
  2. Ensure you connect the TV to the internet
  3. On the home screen, choose ‘apps’ icon on the left
  4. Use the search box and type in “Disney”
  5. Pick the Disney+ icon, now select “add to home”, the app will download and install
  6. Now simply log into the app

Download Disney plus on Sony Smart TV?

You download the Disney+ app through the Play Store or Sony select, then follow the below steps and you can watch Disney+ on your smart tv.

  1. Sign up for Disney+ on the website
  2. Ensure your TV is connected to the internet
  3. Pick the Play Store or Sony Select, whichever is on your home screen
  4. Type into the search box “Disney+” with the remote
  5. Pick the Disney+ app and click “Install”
  6. When installed, open the app from the home screen
  7. Log in using your login details and watch all your favourites

Get the Disney plus app on an LG Smart TV?

Using the LG Store you’re ready to stream in a few steps:

  1. First sign up to Disney+
  2. Be sure you connect the LG TV to the internet
  3. On the LG home screen, choose the LG Content Store
  4. Use the top search box and type “Disney+”
  5. Click the Disney+ icon and it installs. The app will appear on the home screen.
  6. Click Disney+ in the LG Home Launcher
  7. Log in and stream

Disney plus app on a Philips Smart TV?

Most Philips TVs use Android software, download the Disney+ app on the App Store.

  1. Sign up for Disney+
  2. Again ensure the TV is connected to the internet
  3. On the home screen, select the Play Store icon
  4. Type in the search box “Disney+”
  5. Select the icon and download and install the app
  6. Go back to home screen and you will see a Disney+ icon.
  7. Log in and enjoy Disney+

Download the Disney plus app on Panasonic Smart TV?

Unfortunately, Disney Plus isn’t available to download on Panasonic Smart TVs at this time. Panasonic have said they are continuing to work on support for the app however, they are having issues because of the technology they use in their current Smart TV’s. You can still cast or use a TV stick.

How do I download Disney+ if I don’t have a Smart TV?

You can either use Chrome cast from a device or log in from a laptop or desktop or even a Fire Stick.


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