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Watch all the Harry potter films on Netflix

You search on your Netflix account and you don’t see any of the Harry Potter films available. But these classic films are available on the Netflix Libraries of other countries. 

Why is this? This is because Netflix is using Geo-Blocking technology to limit the content available in different countries libraries. This is because licencing and distribution laws vary depending on what country you stream in.

All you Potterhead’s out there need not worry! Because you can still watch all the Harry Potter films on Netflix. Using PrivateVPN you connect to a server in one country Netflix streams the Harry Potter Movies. Without even using a spell you can unlock the Potter movies and hundreds more movies and TV series with just a few clicks.

PrivateVPN has multiple Streaming optimized servers that make the process even easier for a VPN novice. 

Is it legal using a VPN with Netflix?

Yes. Using a VPN to access Netflix is perfectly legal almost everywhere worldwide. Some countries like Russia, China and Saudi Arabia try to block VPNs and require you to use a government-approved VPN! however these rules only apply to permanent citizens of those countries and not visitors or tourists. So you can stream any of your favourite shows anywhere while connected to PrivateVPN.

Watch the Harry Potter Movies Free online!

You can get a 30-day subscription to Netflix with a money-back guarantee, you can also get a 30-day money-back guarantee from PrivateVPN. Combine both and watch the Harry Potter collection for free!

Perfect if you’ve 19 hours, and 46 minutes free and want to watch the entire collection free. If after 30-days you’re not happy you can cancel both subscription and get your money back.

How complicated is it to set up?

Setting up Surfshark is as easy as the 4 steps listed below. It is set up and running in just 3 minutes, even by a novice. 

  1. Pick a VPN, PrivateVPN is our recommendation.
  2. Install the VPN.
  3. Connect to server in any country with a single click
  4. You’re ready to use!

Watch the Harry Potter movies on your phone using a VPN?

The PrivateVPN App is compatible with android iPhones. Connect and choose a server and you instantly have the Netflix library of that country unblocked and ready to stream.

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