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Delete your search history and hide your identity online

We all use search engines like Google or Yahoo every day without realizing they are keeping a record of our every move. Our Internet service providers Can also keep and even sell your browsing history.

If like me, you value your privacy then a VPN is what you need. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Basically, you connect to a VPN and it hides your IP address keeping your identity secret online. Using a VPN prevents websites from sending you cookies, these cookies get instead sent to the VPN server you’re connected to. In addition to of all the benefits of a VPN you also have no Internet search history.

Can you completely clear your search history?

Every social media post, every news article, funny meme, ultimately every action you make online leaves behind a digital footprint.

These footprints take the form of your browsing history, cache data or cookies. If you don’t intend for people to know what you’re doing online, erase this data each time you close your browser. When you erase this data, it erases logs of sites you visited, words and phrases you’ve searched for, cached images or videos, cookies, records of downloads and Autofill form data such as usernames, passwords, etc.

Deleting internet history is not enough!

Unfortunately, clearing your internet history/cookies deletes references to websites from your directory but not your operating system. The operating system just moves the information to a separate section of the hard drive. This creates an opportunity to recover your files using recovery tools. Which is a veritable security nightmare when a recovery tool brings back long deleted and private files? The solution is browsing the web using a VPN.

Once you connect to a VPN any tracking cookies are sent to that VPNs servers. Because you don’t receive cookies to your computer, your search history remains blank.

A VPN changes my location?

Once you connect to your VPN, you can change your IP address and location to anywhere in the world with a single click. While you’re connected to the VPN, it funnels all your online activities through the VPN. This means that when a site you visit sends you cookies, the cookies are being sent to the IP address of the VPN. Effectively the cookies are being sent to nowhere and never being saved. Nobody can track you while connected to a VPN, your location and data get encrypted.

What is an IP address?

Every computer, phone, tablet or even smart watch has an IP address, which is a distinctive set of numbers that identifies you and your device on the Internet. Why is it so important to hide your IP address? Because your IP address is data linked to your location, your Internet service provider, and your web history. These are steppingstones for a hacker to piece together enough information to steal your money.

The IP address provides info about your real time location and your Internet service provider, which then can expose more data such as name, address, phone number, web browsing history or even your credit card number. Once a hacker gets hold of this information, they would sell it online on the dark web. Cyber criminals can then buy and use it for illegal activities like fraud, identity Theft or to steal directly from your bank accounts or worse.

A problem with some Internet Service Providers (ISP)

The trouble with Internet service providers is they trace and track your activity, things like websites you visited, devices you use, your location, and all the data you view even in private browsing mode! These ISP’s generate reports on you using this information.

The problem is this information can not only be used for marketing objectives but also requested by government or law enforcement agencies, big business and other third parties.

These are the reasons that a VPN is so important these days, because while you are connected to a VPN your activity is associated with the VPN’s IP address not yours. This could be a server anywhere around the world, so they report your location as wherever the VPN server is located from New York to Sydney, Australia.


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