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How to Watch BT Sport live anywhere

Below is a fast,safe and secure hack to let you watch BT Sport or Sky Sports wherever you are in the world.

Whether it’s the Golf, the Rugby, or the Premier League, if you subscribe to BT Sport you have to be in the UK to watch it.This article will show you how to watch BT Sport anywhere.

If you are outside the UK when you try to log into your BT Sport account you find that you are Geo-blocked. However, if you have a good VPN, you can bypass the Geo lock and watch  BT Sport live anywhere.

I am an avid Premier League fan; in the past I would spend hours trawling the Internet for streaming links to the midday match on a Saturday. This was because I was in Spain, I couldn’t watch my own account. That was before I began using a Cyberghost VPN.

How do I unlock BT sport to watch anywhere?

To watch BT Sport anywhere when you’re out of the country, just follow the 3 simple steps below:

1.   Subscribe to Cyberghost Risk free

2.  Connect to a server in the UK

3.  Log into the BT Sport account and enjoy the match!

It is literally as simple as that, activate Cyberghost and 3 clicks later you are watching whatever sport you want from anywhere in the world.

Why would I need a VPN to watch BT Sport?

It is now mid-June 2020, the last couple of weeks BT Sport has signed 3 more big contracts for live sporting events. BT Sport is dominating The UK market in sport. BT Sport however is unfortunately heavily invested in geo-blocking any IP address outside of the UK or Northern Ireland. 

Use a premium VPN

The simple workaround for this is using a premium VPN. You connect to the VPN, choose a server in the UK, and then for all intents and purposes you appear to be in that location. This means you just connect to the country that is hosting the sports event you want and watch it with no blocking. You can do this from anywhere in the world, and almost all device types are supported by the Cyberghost. In no time you’ll be watching BT Sport anywhere you want!

Will the VPN provider store my data?

It is a terrible business model to sell software which protects your anonymity online, if they could ask the VPN provider for your information. To trust a company with your confidential data, that company must abide by the same principles of trust. It was for this very reason No-Log VPN providers do not store any of your information and do not sell your information to any third parties. There are no records kept about you other than basic billing info. 

BT Sport combat VPNs

BT Sport are aware of the thousands of people using VPN’s to bypass their Geo-locks. To combat this BT Sport have invested heavily in anti VPN technology, VPN blockers and a blacklisting system against VPN providers. Free VPN’s or lower grade VPN are easily detected and blocked and blacklisted.

Therefore, it’s important to use a premium VPN like Cyberghost, because the more servers and the better the encryptions + protocols, the easier and faster you get your desired results. 

More advantages of a VPN

A reliable VPN service has many additional features and abilities. It’s not just useful for unlocking BT Sport, Sky Sports or ESPN, it also protects you by concealing your identity online. A VPN keeps your computer and connection secure, it protects you from Malware/Spyware and increases torrenting or online gaming speeds. We here at VPN trusted have a 10-step testing process, part of that process is testing the streaming speeds on sites such as Netflix, Disney +, HBO Go and gaming platforms such as speed  Steam, Greenman gaming and Origin. 

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