SurfShark VPN Review

SurfShark VPN Review 2020

Surfshark is the cheapest premium VPN subscription there is, but is that a positive or a negative?  

We purchased Surfshark to test it against 10 other major VPNs and generate this SurfShark VPN Review.

We had an expectation that because of the cheap price of a Surfshark subscription, that it would be overall limited, slow or have poor features. But the results were surprising, with Surfshark coming a close second overall from the 20 VPN tested. Surfshark is powerful, reliable, and fast for a lightweight program.

We put Surfshark through our rigorous testing system, to see if this VPN is as good as they claim to be! And it lived up to all the Surfshark claims and more!  Besides being the cheapest premium VPN on the market, it’s got some impressive features. We generated the below SurfShark VPN review based on results of those tests.

Ease of Use

Surfshark’s natural apps and browser extensions are very simple and intuitive. They showcase a clean and nominal interface that everyone can use. This made writing this SurfShark VPN Review much easier!

The setup was uncomplicated. Enter your login info to add a new device.

Use the Quick Connect feature to find a fast server or you can just select a server location with one click.


surfshark about to connect image on tablet screen

Surfshark is very easy to install and use, simple choose a server and click connect. Its that easy.


surfshark connected screenshot on a tablet screen
Its that easy!

Unblock Netflix and more

Surfshark unblocks all major streaming services BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go and almost any other you can think of. I found the transition exceptionally smooth, with no buffering or lag delays. This was the first thing that impressed me about Surfshark. Next, I tested Surfshark with other geo-locked content like YouTube videos, Steam gaming, etc.. I found 4 videos that were “not available in your country” I activated Surfshark and presto they worked with my Steam library working perfect with no lag or concerns.

Learn the Secret codes to input to Netflix to unlock content lists Learn more here.

Server speed?

During testing I could view all these sites in high definition throughout the testing, which gave credit to the speed and reliability of the Surfshark Servers.

Surfshark have a massive 1700+ servers in 64 countries. During our testing we experienced a smooth connection with no speed issues or lost connections. Similarly, when I used Surfshark for 50gb of torrenting via a famous torrenting site, not only was P2P permitted, they had also optimised settings for even faster torrenting.

Is Torrenting better with Surfshark?

In short, yes, aside from optimising Surfshark for faster Torrenting, the 256-Bit encryption keeps you unidentified while you’re online, and the Surfshark no log policy keeps you anonymous ever after. I use uTorrent for Torrenting, and I found Surfshark was compatible with no issues to report. Similarly, I tested it with Vuse and Deluge with equally impressive results after a slow start on Deluge. Surfshark continued to impress passing DNS leak tests and everything else I threw at them.

No need for a plumber, you’ve no leaks!

Before I trusted Surfshark with my own data, I tested their DNS + IPv6 leak protection. The DNS leak safeguard is crucial as it prevents security weaknesses in your browser from forwarding your DNS requests via your Internet Service Provider instead of the Surfshark VPN. Correspondingly, IPv6 leak protection prohibits IPv6-enabled websites from requesting your IP address location.

This DNS leak protection means your Masked IP will never appear and you will only seem to be in the country you selected a server in. Surfshark even has a Double VPN option which enables you to route through two countries servers. This is for bypassing regional geo-locks in countries like china where censorship is stringent and online content easily restricted.


256-bit encryption is the ultimate level of protection available, none of the usual third parties like the government or your ISP will be able to investigate your online activities. Even if you have an unreliable internet connection or Wi-Fi that drops a lot, you’re still safe with Surfshark’s kill-switch. The kill-switch basically kills your internet connection temporarily if your VPN connection were to fail for some reason. I have not seen this feature in use, but it adds even more reassurance to Surfshark VPN if that’s possible.

Blind Search

Blind search seemed like a novelty for me until I tried it, it runs very smoothly and blocks most ads and has no logs or data on your activities; it turned out to be a real bonus feature.

Camouflage Mode

Activating Camouflage mode makes it seem your encrypted traffic is normal, everyday traffic. Your Even under Deep packet inspection. However, this feature is only available on Windows, IOS and Android as of 31/05/2020.

No Logs policy

Surfshark has a firm no logs policy. They keep no records of your activity at all. Even if Surfshark kept your information their headquarters are on the British Virgin Islands, which is renowned for its privacy laws.

“As of 2019, Surfshark had received no National Security letters, No government Warrants or gag orders. The British Virgin Islands are outside these jurisdictions.”

It is also worth mentioning for those of you who are still concerned about exposing your billing details you can now pay by Bitcoin or various other crypto currencies for even further anonymity.

Your privacy is a right, not a privilege. 

“The only info Surfshark keeps is your email address, login and standard billing details.”


Kill Switch disables your internet connection if your VPN connection drops. That way, they shield you 100% of the time.


HackLock monitors your email and passwords for any security breaches. You simply join the free program and if they ever find your information to have gotten leaked online, Surfshark will email notifying you of this.

No Borders Mode

This is what it says on the label. No borders mode automatically discovers if you’re in a Geo locked or censored region and offers you unique servers to connect to bypassing the censorship & firewalls such as the great firewall of China.

Cleanweb Adblocker

Another feature I felt complimented the VPN well was Cleanweb, Surfshark’s in built Ad blocker. It performed very well against some of the more spammy streaming sites. It also tested well against social media platforms ads. YouTube & Facebook ads got blocked for about 95% of the time.

Value for Money?

Surfshark’s subscription plans are the lower price premium VPN on the market. Each subscription has all the same premium features, the only difference is in the subscription’s length.

This is where you make savings, the longer you subscribe for the cheaper the subscription will be. Surfshark placed number 1 in all our value for money tests, most of the plans were under $3 a month and these prices all have the same features and Unlimited connections! you could use it on an entire companies devices with a single licence!

7 Day Free Trial

It’s so inexpensive, and yet you can even have a 7-day free trial with no obligation to buy. So, try it out for yourselves free now! Aside from the 7-day free trial, Surfshark offers a 30-day money guarantee it’s impossible to lose. And… Click this link to get an additional discount.

Devices & licences

Next up for testing was licences, and again Surfshark has finished in 1st place here with unlimited licences and unlimited simultaneous connections. You can have Surfshark on all of your home devices and use them at the same time with no issue. 

How do we know this? I just had to test it out and see, so I connected 18 devices simultaneously iPad, Androids, Smart TVs, etc. The result was no change, no delay, no buffering, nothing, just smooth connections on each device, although the Galaxy S7 Tablet had some issues at first, but we suspected it was the tablet itself.


Surfshark is widely compatible which made this SurfShark VPN Review easier to write and less harsh than previous VPNs compatibility issues.

Surfshark has apps for Windows, Google Chrome, Firefox. macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, with apps also available for many smart TVs, including Fire TV and even being Apple TV compatible. This VPN has apps that work on PS4 and Xbox allowing you connect to the US Netflix and other streaming services using a SmartDNS.

It does all this without interfering with your normal PSN or Xbox live activities, no signal drops or NAT Type issues. These apps have the Kill-Switch feature across all platforms, No-Borders & Cleanweb Ad blocker are built in.

Surfshark Support

The Surfshark webpage has a Help section with tutorials, FAQs and a troubleshooting section. If you cannot find the answer this is all supported by a 24/7 live chat help with a support ticket system. So, I wanted to test these systems and the chat support with them knowing i was writing a SurfShark VPN Review.

How I tested the live chat support

I took a trip to Europe for a seminar late last year, so I decided while I was in Europe I would do testing on the t0p 10 VPN’s support services. This was ideal because when it was 3am -5 am back in the states it was daytime in Europe!

Perfect for testing response times of a 24/7 live chat support that these VPNs claim to have. Surfshark came a close second in this category of testing, I submitted a question at what was 4am PST and got my answer in about 6 minutes. The support team were professional though and knowledgeable even when I put them on the spot with some technical questions.

screenshot from an interaction with surfshark support agent part 1
screenshot from a n interaction with surfshark support agent

The Support Guides section is extensive and covers nearly all possible problems.

a screenshots of surfsharks helpful guides from the surfshark website
screenshots of surfsharks helpful guides from the surfshark website

Does the VPN provider store my data?

It is a poor business model to sell software to encrypt and protect online if they could ask the VPN provider itself for your information.

To trust a company with your confidential information, that company must abide by the same principles of trust. It was for this very reason Surfshark has a No-Log policy and doesn’t store any of your information aside from basic billing info.


Fast and consistent as any premiun VPN I’ve seen. Surfshark is rapid, reliable, & secure for streaming, torrenting, and guarding your privacy.

You get unlimited licences with Surfshark and unlimited concurrent connections! adding enormous value to a single licence. Surfshark has great budget-friendly deals given on lengthier subscriptions. Unblocks all the best streaming services libraries and has optimised gaming and torrenting servers.

Seven Reason Surfshark is great value.

  1. Surfshark have 1700 servers in 109 locations in 63 counties with new servers added weekly.

Surfshark offers unlimited devices per account compared to the industry average of 5 devices per account.

Surfshark offer optimized streaming servers and lightning fast online gaming and torrenting

Based in the British Virgin Islands Surfshark has a strict no logs policy and the British Virgin Islands are a privacy haven.

Surfshark offers the best value for money, with a 30 day money-back guarantee a 7 day free trial and the lowest prices on the market.

Surfshark unblocks all major streaming services BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go and almost any other you can think of.

Surfshark offers optimized gaming servers. We tested Surfshark using Steam, Green man gaming, origin, etc.. Surfshark delivers on lightning fast gaming.

Surfshark offers unlimited devices per account compared to the industry average of 5 devices per account.

Surfshark have 24/7 support, response time was under two minute on average.

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