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Save Money on all kinds of subscription services with a VPN

Every Dollar saved counts during the Covid-19 economic downturn counts; therefore, some people are finding inventive ways to save money! One way to save money is by using a VPN to save on subscription costs.

The economic downturn has left a wave of uncertainty around the world with massive effects on the global economy, inflation and so much more. We all face economic hardship and will undoubtedly look to tighten the purse strings and save every dollar possible. These insights have led to some creative money-saving ideas such as using a VPN to save on subscription costs.

How does a VPN work?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. This VPN reroutes your browsing activity via an Encrypted Tunnel to a remote server that hides your movements and makes it appear like you connected to the Internet from the location of the VPN server you picked. 

What is an Encrypted Tunnel?

The VPN tunnel works by compressing data in an encrypted data packet, and when you do this on the Internet, you can create a Virtual Private Network tunnel they call this VPN tunneling. This VPN tunnel also prevents your data being intercepted and hides your IP address, which could identify and locate you.

Saving on Subscription cost

If you investigate a little, you will find many subscription services do not have universal pricing structures but charge you based on your Geo-location. What is a Geo-location? Geo location is the identification and approximation of your real-world physical location, geolocation applications use information from cell towers to triangulate your approximate position.

The VPN changes your Geo location by connecting to a server in a different country. Your information then travels via the VPN to the IP address of the website you wish to reach. For all intents and purposes this website believes that you are connecting from the location of the VPN company servers.

How to save money on Subscription Fees?

With many subscription services lacking a universal pricing structure, you will find that using a VPN to change your location will get you a lower subscription price or cheaper offers. This is because a service in the United States of America might cost three or four times as much as the identical service in India. The VPN user connects to a server inside the country that offers the same subscriptions cheaper. Some such services are Microsoft Office 365, Spotify, Netflix and Amazon Prime.

To surf the Internet anonymously and watch all your favorite streaming services is a significant advantage but, to also make savings using a VPN by simply changing your location is a real game changer! But which VPN service should I get?

Which is the best VPN provider?

There are lots of different VPN providers out there some good, some bad, some reliable, some not. However, after painstaking research and a lot of trying and testing we at have whittled it down to the top five VPN providers on the market! Click here and read more.


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