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Play Pokémon Anywhere in 2020 with a VPN

Pokemon Go is an amazing international phenomenon! Since that ambitious launch day in July 2016 Pokemon Go has become an enjoyable obsession for many. People of all ages from all over the world joined to capture the most powerful Pokemon.

But many people took serious risks hanging out windows and climbing buildings to catch a Snorlax or a vicious Metagrose. Videos began appearing online of people climbing, jumping and stretching to reach nearby Pokemon. This caused many governments to over react and ban or restrict the game. Using a VPN not only gets you around the restrictions/bans but also guarantees your connection won’t drop at a vital moment. A strong VPN protects your credit card details, even on unsecure Wi-Fi.

Why a VPN is great for Pokémon Go

Pokemon Go became such a huge phenomenon worldwide in a such a brief time. And even thought many Governments geo-block access to Pokemon Go. A good gaming VPN like Surfshark can Geo Spoof and make it seem like you are somewhere else. As you can imagine being a Pokemon Go player, this Geo Spoofing has huge in game advantages especially if you live in a remote area.

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Protect yourself with Surfshark

Cybercriminals attack Pokemon go

Because Pokemon Go centres around location and sharing, you will end up connecting too many public Wi-Fi networks while playing. Many free public Wi-Fi networks are completely unsecure. This leaves you vulnerable to cybercriminals and hackers who will specifically target Pokemon Go users.

Pokemon Go transmits your information over Wi-Fi, if you’re connected to free Wi-Fi hotspots you are vulnerable. If your data gets intercepted, they can use it for phishing scams, identity theft and fraud. Cybercriminals can take your money and use your information to open accounts or take out loans.

By using Surfshark on your devices you can stop worrying and enjoy Pokemon Go in safety and security. Surfsharks encryption guarantees your safety online and their generous unlimited licences mean you use on all your devices even a friend’s device.

Additional advantages

If you find Pokemon Go banned in your region it’s likely a lot of other things are being blocked.

So having Surfshark will also have a few additional advantages. You can unblock restricted websites sites and get up-to-date news and content. You can unlock the Netflix content normally only available in different countries around the world. As an example, the Netflix US library has over 4,500 movies and 2,700 tv series, whereas elsewhere Netflix might have as low as 1500 movies and 800 series like in the UK.


Install Surfshark on your device for a faster, secure connection that won’t drop during any crucial battles. Try Surfshark today risk free for 30 days, if you don’t like it you can get your money back. Get our Surfshark discount of over 80% off!!

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