geo fencing illustrated by a pin being stuck in a map

Geo Location

The truth about this intrusive technology

geo-fence is a virtual perimeter in an actual world area. A Geo-fence dynamically generates a radius around a specific location.  A Geo-fence is a pre-defined set of restrictions in an area like a college or university campus. The Geo-fence would extend to the limits of the grounds on campus and restrict access to certain information.

Commonly known as Geo-fencing and requires a location-aware device of a location-based service (LBS). If you enter or depart a Geo-fenced area, you might receive a prompt to your device. In addition, the Geo-fence sends a prompt of your movements in and out of the Geo-Fence to the operator or administrator. The information, which contains device location, gets sent to any cell phone or an email account, pre-defined by the administrator.


Geo-prompts are becoming commonly used because they are a brilliant advertising tool. You get alerted to promotions and information on the area. You pass a certain store and you receive a push notification to your cell phone from the Geo-fence. The location of your phone gets continuously tracked. When you cross into a Geo-fence your phone gets detected and impulsed with data, we call this Geo-targeting. 

Close vicinity promotions

An i-Beacon is a small Bluetooth transmitter with a limited range of about 25m-30m. They transmit a unique identifier an app or server can detect. This then initiates a protocol to send you push notifications. You might have seen this when you get a notification asking if you want to join a network you’ve just come into the range of (Wi-Fi Hotspots).

GEO Conquesting

Geo-conquesting as its called, is aggressive or disruptive promotions facilitated by a geo-fence. Sometimes used to advertise stealthily at or near the competitors store entrance. Alternatively, some people would use it to disrupt your cell phone momentarily to stop you in an area. 

This type Geo-Marketing is only the start of a recent wave of intrusive Geo-Marketing and promotion. These new and intrusive tactics are becoming more and more common. One of the many advantages of a VPN is to combat this type of intrusive tactic. 

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