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Block Throttling & speed up Torrenting

Simple guide to a complicated problem

Here’s a scenario you might be familiar with: you’re trying to Torrent the latest movie or download that newly released game but you experience sudden drops in connection speed. I used to sit and watch the Internet speed vary from poor to excellent and again, all the time watching the download Estimate time increase.

Is it taking you hours to download a game or movie? I discovered what was causing this, and I was very surprised. I discovered my Internet service provider uses bandwidth throttling. This throttling limits or restricts how much of your bandwidth you may use. Some internet service providers detect when you’re using P2P sharing or downloading large files. The internet provider then flags you for throttling of your connection. This is a cost saving method used by the Internet service provider, who without your permission reduce the bandwidth you’ve paid for. You end up getting a lot slower connection speeds than you pay for if you’re doing a lot of online gaming or torrenting.

A VPN is the solution!

Torrenting is risky because your downloading files from unknown sources and these files may contain malware, spyware or viruses.  For this reason we recommend using NordVPN.  For torrenting, NordVPN not only supports P2P but also have specially optimized servers for torrenting. NordVPN use military grade encryption for secure connections and absolute privacy. NordVPN finished as our number one VPN after our extensive testing of the top VPNs available.

A VPN is the fastest and most successful way to bypass throttling. By encrypting your data, a VPN hides your online activity from your ISP, so they can’t target and flag you for streaming, downloading, or torrenting. Your online activity just seems like regular traffic.


Bandwidth Throttling?

In simple terms bandwidth throttling is your internet service provider deliberately slowing your connection based on your online activity. Your internet services provider hosts your internet connections, monitoring your online activity and recording what websites you visit, files you download, things you watch and a lot more.

When the internet service provider see your torrenting or P2P sharing, they then flag you and subsequently throttle your connection speed. So now you’re not getting the speeds you pay for, your only getting a fraction of the full speed.

Why does my internet service provider throttle my Bandwidth?

The foremost reason your Internet service provider throttle’s your connection is for cost-cutting measures to save money on bandwidth. Every Internet service provider has a fixed data processing ability and fixed bandwidth shared among its customers. The internet service provider shares this bandwidth among all of their customers. So, if some customers are using a sizeable portion of bandwidth it creates congestion on the network, this costs the Internet service provider money. Therefore, they introduced throttling to save themselves money. Using a NordVPN easily bypasses this throttling.

Legal problems

We all know there are a lot of obstacles with P2P sharing and issues with people downloading copyrighted or protected material illegally. Governments, Big Business and other third parties can get your ISP to block access to a certain website, program or information.

Even though you aren’t downloading copyrighted material your Internet service provider can and will still block, blacklist and throttle your connection because of others.


Use a VPN to Bypass Throttling

The most effective way to hide your online activity from your internet service provider is to connect using NordVPN. Once you’ve connected via NordVPN your Internet service provider no longer sees your activity online! this takes away the opportunity to throttle your connection.

NordVPN also has optimised dedicated servers which can download colossal amounts of data anonymously. You are protected from the prying eyes like your internet service provider, big business, cyber criminals and even government organizations.

Seven reasons to get NordVPN

    1. Military grade encryption.
    2. Over 5,500 optimized servers.
    3. Strict no-logs policy with no records of your online activity.
    4. NordVPN has DNS leak protection.
    5. An automatic kill-switch.
    6. NordVPN allows you to connect up to 5 devices
    7. Risk free 30 day money-back guarantee.


Internet service providers throttling your connection slowing down your download and upload speeds. You can use NordVPN to bypass these throttling problems and increase your download/Upload speed utilising your full bandwidth. You will have online anonymity, privacy, security and lightning fast download speeds. Try NordVPN risk free with  a 30-day money-back guarantee. If after 30 days you don’t love the product, you can get your money back. It’s risk free.


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