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Why use a VPN for Gaming?


Using a gaming VPN gives a constant and smooth speed without lag spikes or momentary screen freezing, those milliseconds can mean the difference between a kill-streak and death in some games. No more enemies seeing you before you see them, just smooth lag free gaming.

Stop your internet provider throttling your speed

You may not know that internet service providers throttle your internet from time to time depending on usage, demand and even what your using your connection for! Such as online gaming. Using a gaming VPN like SurfShark bypasses this throttling increasing speeds.

Buy the same games cheaper!

A lot of the time games are cheaper in the US or cheaper Outside the US, like you might get the same game in japan at half the price as the US version which is identical. Or you live in the UK and get the US version for 25% less, after a short time the VPN pays for itself and for an avid gamer saves money in the long run.

DDOS Protection

Some cheaters will try to DDOS attack you to win, this DDoS protections will keep you alive as it will be rerouted to the Surfshark VPN servers, so you are worry free. And can compete on a level playing field against many PC Hackers and glitchers.

early-access time zones

Access the latest Beta earlier then your friends by choosing a VPN in the exclusive access country, get your games up 12hrs earlier!

What are cookies?

These cookies are little packets of data sent by a website and stored on your device by your web browser while you browse. These cookies save your site preferences and data to make your next visit easier. Unfortunately, there are also bad cookies like, Zombie cookies, Super cookies, third party tracking cookies and worse.

These bad cookies cause major data breaches and huge privacy concerns! It is for this reason a NO LOG VPN gives you even more protection. Using a VPN changes your location, and this successfully detaches your identity from the cookies the websites send. Because these cookies are blocked it makes it impossible for anyone to track your online activity or form an attack against you.


The best VPN for gaming

We conducted a series of tests using 10 sorted VPNs over a 14 day period to determine which is There best VPN for online gaming

The result of these tests determined SurfShark was the best VPN for online gaming.

 Firstly, we activated the ‘Quick Connect’ option on the Surfshark apps. Quick Connect then automatically chooses the closest server with the lowest load, this ensures the best possible connection speeds.

the things that affect online gaming Servers

when you’re using a VPN for online gaming the number and location of servers is important, this is because you may need to connect to a certain country for early access or connect with certain server that has the least latency or lag. so basically the more servers and locations the better surf shark has over 1700 servers 109 locations in over 60 countries. This makes for some impressive choices when it comes to latency, I have seen pings of 4ms on some of these servers. 

NAT firewalls & anti-DDoS protection

These are specific elements designed to help protect you from hackers and DDos attacks (denial of service attacks). It’s important that your VPN provide these additional protections so your online gaming isn’t interrupted.

Reliability and speed.

when it comes to online gaming nothing is more important than having a stable connection and good bandwidth. Surfshark provides both of these in abundance So you can competitively game online without worry of the dreaded lag.

accessing Geo locked games

some games are going to be inaccessible from your country this is particularly prevalent in the Japanese and South Korean gaming market, where you will find hundreds of games you’ve never even heard of that are amazing. Use SurfShark to circumvent these Geo locks play hundreds of titles.

Gaining early access to games

gain access to games in beta testing, connect to a server of your choice in a release country to gain early access to games up to 12 hours earlier. this is a particularly useful feature if it gives you 12 hours extra leveling over your friends when they start, I enjoy this.

reactivating banned gaming accounts

maybe you got banned from a game, maybe maybe for good reason or maybe for a misunderstanding. Search shack will change your IP address and this will bypass the banned account lock, allowing you to play your favorite character again.

Protection from spies and hackers

well you’re online gaming you’re leaving your connection to the game open for extended periods of time, this is a security risk. Again it’s another security risk that can be prevented by using a VPN to keep you safe.

Gain access to new servers in game

you can use your VPN to change your IP address to European address for instance. Then you can connect to European only server on your game of choice, this will allow you less busy servers at peak times because it’s the middle of the night in Europe.

Unlimited devices

surf shark offers unlimited devices per account compared to the industry average of five. This means you can connect up all your devices gaming PC Xbox PlayStation Android iPhone tablet laptop you name it.

The best part is the price

surf shark are currently causing massive disruption in the VPN market with their amazingly low price prices. for a 2 year plan you would be paying less than $2 a month for unlimited devices , gaming , torrenting, streaming and anonimity online.  These are just some of the features surfshark  VPN to find out more click here and read our full review surfshark  VPN.  

Why use a VPN for gaming?

Virtual private network or VPN re roots your Internet traffic true a secondary server in a different location. This traffic is encrypted during this process, so that nobody can read it including your ISP. This is Done by changing your IP address to a different IP address and location of your choosing, making it seem as if you’re in a different place.

We tested 10 VPN to see which would perform best for online gaming. The results of this testing showed that surfshark What is the best VPN for gaming.

We tested on various gaming platforms such as:

  • steam
  • Gog (good old games)
  • Green Man gaming
  • origin
  • Indie game stand
  • Humble Bundle
  • Xbox
  • PS4

Why would I use a VPN on my PS4 or Xbox?

First reason you would want to do this is to reduce your ping which gets rid of most lag stop. In addition to this you may also be able to access games before they are available in your country big games like Call of Duty generally get released on the same day worldwide, this can be 12 or more hours in advance if you’re in Australia. You and I both know there are huge advantages to having a game 12 hours in advance of your friends. I used This method with Surfshark to get early access Call of Duty World at War And I was level 35 when most of my friends started, we had fun.

Could I bypass steam region restrictions with a VPN?

the answer to this is yes. the majority of games available on steam have no regional restrictions. however many also have restrictions you can find this on the product page where it will be clearly marked. There are also some gift and third party restrictions.

The problem is in the subscriber agreement steam prohibits the use of a VPN for this purpose. however this isn’t the case on all gaming platforms and other platforms have no specific rules on use of a VPN.

High latency

high latency is a persistent problem when packets take too long a time to reach the game server and back, this is known as a PING. you can notice this in game as a delay between your click and their onscreen reaction. An example might be in a first person shooter you might see an enemy 1 second later, suddenly you’re dead. This can become particularly noticeable if you run around corner quickly or slide in game.

What causes this is your PC trying to predict what will happen on the server both getting it wrong understand trying to inform the server of this.


if you want a smoother online gaming experience purchases surf  shark license and you can enjoy smoother faster gaming in a safer environment. get early access to games and level up fast, play games that aren’t even available in your country or region. You can even connect to European servers while you’re in the US or US servers while you’re in Australia, the advantages to this can be huge in the online gaming world.

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