Stay safe online, protect your right to privacy!

We analysed all the top VPN providers: Speed, Security, Privacy and useability to make sure you can make an informed decision and get value for money from your VPN!

What is a VPN? - A video explainer!

We have made a short explainer video that describes exactly how a VPN works and why it’s important to protect yourself online. Find out more about VPNs here.



Security & Privacy

We tested the top 20 premium VPN on the market using our comprehensive 10 part testing system. We applied the results to review those VPN in order of merit. Below are the 10 categories we test each VPN against. Security, Privacy and Speed scores contribute a higher percentage of overall ranking score.

Your privacy is a right, not a privilege, it’s important a VPN provider does not monitor or log your activity while you’re connected. A No-Logs Policy is a necessity. 

The upload/download speed you get connected to a VPN. We test server speed, routing, server load, protocol and location for torrenting, streaming and gaming, 

We throughly test the security of each VPN, because keeping your data safe is the primary role of a VPN. This accounts for 20% of the overall score.

Encryption algorithms use a string of bits known as a “key” to execute calculations. The longer the encryption key, the more calculation patterns can be created. The harder it will be to decrypt the ciphertext without the key.

We test how well the VPN unlocks content like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, etc. We test how each streams. 

When a VPN has many servers, it allows the users to be spread out and not use the same server resources at the same time. The VPN provider has many servers to provide the best performance.

The industry standard is 5 licences. meaning 5 devices can get connected simultaneously to the VPN. 5+ devices adds value to a licence. This forms a smaller amount of the overall score.

A kill switch temporarily disables your internet connection should you disconnect from the VPN for any reason such as poor Wi-Fi signal. The kill switch prevents any data leaking.

Additional features are important for overall security and ease of use. Things like built in ad blockers or customisable protocols really add value in the long term. 

Most VPNs have some money back guarantee. the industry standard is 30-days but some providers offer 45-days and even a 60 day money back guarantee.